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1 Feb 28, 2015 21:13    


if I create more than one blog in my b2evo instance and I allow all reader to comment in blog 2 (with name and email addres) - why I need allow this explicitly for the user group of blog 1?

If I allow to comment for all, it should be checked in all groups I created. I would expect this in this manner.

And another question: why are the user groups which have the right to comment automatically a member of this blog?

2 02 Mar 2015 18:21

We actually want to be able to specifically limit some misbehaving user accounts from continuing to comment without prior moderation on some things. This has proven very useful in some community sites.

3 02 Mar 2015 19:17

but all blogs - blog 1 and blog 2 - are public. In all both blogs ppl can comment with email and name. And the members of blog 1 needs for their commenting in blog 1 and blog 2 the permission explicitly?

If I allow "anonymous commenting" (with email and name), it should possible for all members too per default. No problem, if I can reduce this rights later, but per default it should be possible to comment.

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