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1 Dec 17, 2012 03:26    

B2evo coders and developers:

I have a plain simple question, is B2evo v5+ will possibly draw more b2evo users/bloggers?

I mean, I have a lot of blogs running in b2 rather than your cousin's CMS, WP. I just love the features of b2 but I've been reading reviews about b2 and it looks we are fading from the scene. How true is this?

Is this 'VALUABLE' open source CMS (B2) will soon die unlike WP?

My blog sites aren't highly monetized since these are just personal rants and raves. And when it comes to donations, I can only share a few dollars in a month too.

Can we sustain this 10+ years project of b2 even further?

2 Dec 17, 2012 23:55

We are alive and kicking and v5 is our biggest release ever.

I am personally extremely confident about the future of our software ;)

3 Dec 18, 2012 04:16

If that is the case, I am hopeful too that there would be a dramatic breakthrough that would entice other bloggers to use b2evo.

Personally, B2evo is far better than WP (not a resource hungry either) :)

I hope our community will continue to expand and more THEMES for b2evo v5+. :)

More power and hopefully my sites will become highly monetized for us to help more of this amazing opensource project!

4 Jan 29, 2013 09:29

In my opinion, there are so many people using the wp is really a big funny !

5 Nov 07, 2013 14:20

I have a dilemma , what exactly would be that significant feature comparable to WP? I see nothing of real value that wp has compared to b2evo. But I might be wrong, so I'm curious what exactly are u referring to?

6 Nov 07, 2013 22:13

That really depends what a "feature" is to you, and the importance of it. In programming a feature can always be a disability for another, and even a bug sometimes actually prove out to be a "feature" :D
Having said that, WP has a lot of "features" that allows even beginner - moderate coders -like myself- to do things that they would not be able to do otherwise. On the other hand, some of these features, cause unnecessary load on others.
Generally speaking, the WP docs help a lot, and the examples laying around, but that's normal since millions of users are using & developing it. However even WP has missing docs. Noone wants to sit down and type in docs, when they can actually code new things.

Anyway i started to get off topic; i can only say that the only "feature" b2 has and will always have over WP is stability. I can go about months without even checking on my b2 install that has over 1 mil unique visitors / month. It is more reliable.
But as for WP, i cant help but keep checking and thinking every once in a while "has something happened to my WP blog ? did something upgrade in the background ? has my theme broken ? did WP change anything ? Has an important security bug been found out ? Should i upgrade ? But if i do, will my plugins break ? Etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on..

So basically, you can setup and forget about b2, it will work. But if you need a very custom solution and you are not familiar with b2 code that's another story.

7 Nov 13, 2013 10:46

I am extremely sure what will draw more users to b2evo. Most "bloggers" are just in it for the show "oh look I have a blog, and oh look it has this theme that does that and look at the buttons, look here, no, there , there are social buttons, oh and here's twitter thingie"

So unless you guessed already, the only "feature" that will draw hundreds more users with the right promotion of course are SKINS.

The amount of b2evo skins available right now for users that simply don't know how to code something from scratch is ridiculous. Probably 20? still working skins.

And sorry to say but out of all the available ones, there are only 2 profi skins that allow modern incentives like Mystique with it's social buttons and frankly I wouldn't call the other one 100% profi looking.

And yea there will be a new and improved photoblog theme , so that actually makes 3 skins people can like and that's bout it.

Mystique 2 0 2 has already been announced and I already wrote the creator he should maybe do some more layouts based on it so that people who have no clue on coding can modify them to a minimum to have what they like and need.

So again, the incentive that will draw people to b2evo is MORE skins.

8 Dec 12, 2014 01:55

A big feature, to me at least, would be greater ease of use. I am pretty smart. I've been using b2evo for a while, but there is way too much going on in the back for me to make much sense of most of it.

9 Mar 26, 2015 03:51

The last post here is probably a spam and will probably be deleted, but in thee meantime I re-read this thread.

Thank you @tilqicom, @adrian_alexander and @drherz for your feedback. I think you will be pleased with version 6, which will have a complete new look (including new clean skins) and a better organization of the back-office.

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