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1 Jan 28, 2015 01:35    

I gues it would very helpful to have a quick overview of all comments in all blogs on one page. So you can see very quick if there is spam which needs to delete.

At the moment there will be only one page per blog with an overview of the comments of this one blog - Content > blog name > Comments. If this would be possible for all blogs in one page, it would be great ;)

2 02 Feb 2015 23:25

Hi @ednong,

I don't know if the structure of the core will make this possible because we have no common dashboard for all the posts or comments of the site. So, let's say that we add a new filter in the backend, then we will end expecting to browse content from Blog N (point 1 in the figure above) and actually having comments from different blogs in the list (point 2).

Let's do it as usual and wait for more opinions and points of view.


3 03 Feb 2015 05:44

sounds good. 2 things I miss:

1. a checkbox to activate all blogs with one click.
2. a column with the blog name in it.


4 24 Feb 2015 20:44

Hi @ednong,

There is an option that let you to see all the posts and comments from different blogs in a single view, aggregation ( All you need to do is create a new blog and fill this parameter with the IDs of the other blogs that you want to compile.

You may also "hide" this blog from the front-end by unchecking the parameter "Include in public blog list" at Structure > [Blog N] > Settings > Features > Other ( and also applying some other trick as a 301 redirect from its URL or something else.

This needs cero code and you can use it right away.


5 25 Feb 2015 23:58

Hi mgsolipa,

thanks for your reply.

Your suggestion is not really the thing I thought about - an extra blog, neccessary to hide it and make a redirect for its URI. And to hide from the overview, so I must chose it in the list menu in the backend. A little bit to much work for this. It would be easier to have a side in the backend I can configurate, which blogs comments should be in it. Maybe with chosing via check boxes.

I guess, this should work for the not-advanced users too.

6 26 Feb 2015 08:19

Hi @ednong,

Well, the back-office of that extra blog is designed to work exactly as you described. The only difference is that you should type the IDs of the blogs that you want to aggregate instead of select them from a checkboxes set. Using that technique has a big plus, it's available right now and needs only three clicks to get it working. Redirecting the URL is purely optional, actually it's also possible (and easier) to set the parameter Blog URL of the URLs tab to "Relative to baseurl" and fill it with a non existent filename, that way, the blog won't be available in the front-office.

I don't see (at least not in the short term) a different implementation being developed on the way you suggested, especially because there is a well tested option that already does the same, and more. However, I don't take any decision, I just try to help with my opinion.


7 26 Feb 2015 08:53

Hi @mgsolipa,

really - thanks for your help, I appreciate that. But this seems to me like a - in german - Gefrickel. This means something like "a lot of work for a smal thing". To create an extra blog only for an overview appears (to me) a little bit heavy for this.

Your answer is ok, maybe I try it - but I think, an overview about the comments, all comments, is not only useful - it is neccessary. And it should be an included feature of the software, my opinion.

Sorry for the hard sounded english - its not my best to write in english.

Thank you.

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