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1 Feb 05, 2015 05:43    

Modified /inc/widgets/widgets/_coll_commentlist.widget.php line 191 to read `echo T( ' on ' );` as there was no space between the username and the word 'on'.

2 Feb 14, 2015 10:53

Hi @arinaya,

Thanks for sharing.

Let me disagree on this. I mean, I think that string doesn't need any additional space. Actually, as I see, it should be echo T_( 'on' );, because the spaces are inserted by the functions called before and after that line. As you can see in spaces_on_translation_strings__widget_code.png, those functions are set to work that way. If you want, you can download the PHPXref of the code from here: and check those functions (they are both in the file /blogs/inc/comments/model/_comment.class.php).

However, can you please tell us where did you see this working wrong?, because, as far as I know, it is visually correct right now.

Actually, going a little bit further, if you see spaces_on_translation_strings__html.png, based on how the code is currently working, there are two blank spaces after the word 'on', so if we add an additional space to the translatable string, a second space will be also added before.



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