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1 Jan 18, 2019 15:32    

Hello folks

When I type hyperlinks I want to follow the established convention of them appearing in blue. Mine are the same colour as the plain text that surrounds them. DO you know how I can do this? The advice on this thread, relating to a 2.x version of b2e
namely, to add
.bText a {color: blue;}
to the end of the skins/asevo/style.css file doesn't work.

Any other suggestions?

2 Jan 18, 2019 15:51

.bText a {color: blue !important;}

By the way always provide your URL, please, so people can see the problem

Will check out

3 Jan 18, 2019 16:12

Got your site.
Link text in the sidebar is black like the text.
If you want all links to stand out just css code the anchors. I have an offset colour and a hover colour on all links
Where is there a link in your text, it's a bit much to search for one, especially if it can't be seen.
I would use Firefox > Inspector to see where the overridding css is.

4 Jan 18, 2019 16:12

Thanks amoun, but neither of those alterations make any difference.

The problem is down the RH side of . If you look for the section headed The Comfort of Strangers, there is a sentence which reads

If your comment box looks like this, I'm afraid I sometimes can't be bothered with all that palarver just to leave a comment.

I've hyperlinked "looks like this" to but the text doesn't apear in a different colour.

5 Jan 18, 2019 16:13

Thanks again -- I've only just seen your pst about using FF > Inspector. I'll try having a look using that now.

Edit: many thanks amoun -- found it. It was a question of altering line 66 of skins/asevo/style.css to

a {
color: blue;

All the best

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