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1 Dec 29, 2018 20:44    

Found no CSS3 errors, which is brilliant.

Found HTML5 warnings about the deprecated use of [type="text/javascript"] removed a dozen or so examples and still have more to find see my blog post at

Found 1 HTML5 error see image in next post::
Resolved in [/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php]
Lines 1374 and 1430
removed parameter 'autocorrect' => 'off'

3 Jan 03, 2019 21:25

@amoun the autocorrect attribute is needed for iOS devices, even though it is not part of the HTML5 standard.

4 Jan 03, 2019 23:00

Ok Thanks.

So I suppose if IOS doesn't have a option to turn it off, logging may be a pain if the user spells it wrong three times :)

5 Jan 07, 2019 01:56

If your login is "amoun" and we don't tell iOS NOT to autocorrect, iOS may automatically change your login to "a moon" while you are busy typing your password.

6 Jan 07, 2019 12:10

My bemusement is powered by the fact that I have never used any Apple products yet my children do and they have no autocorrect issues, as you mention, when entering passwords??

7 Jan 07, 2019 15:45

It's not for the password field, it's for the login field. iOS is smart enough, out of the box, not to autocorrect in fields shown as **.
We did not add this on a theoretical basis. We added it because autocorrect was correcting in places where it should not.

8 Jan 07, 2019 17:06

OK I'm getting there iOS is smart enough to recognise a password field but not to know a user name field. I can understand in a common text field which should be an option but usernames are often not a dictionary word so I don't get that, but this is a bit off topic as my concern is that you say iOS is inconsiderate not that you are by stopping it's poor idea.

Maybe your next message should just be a smiley face as I can't see me getting to accept any iOS reasoning on this. But thank you very much for your concern. Au revoir

9 Jan 07, 2019 22:08

OK I'm getting there iOS is smart enough to recognise a password field but not to know a user name field.

because HTML5 allows to signal a field as "password" but HTML5 dies NOT allow to signal a field as "login". So they had to add a way to signal this. Otherwise they don't know if it's a login field (no autocorrect desired) or a title field (autocorrect useful) for example.

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