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1 Apr 03, 2019 20:13    


I want to create a pinned Post (every time on top) and tried it with the property "Featured Post" (in the demo in blog A) but this does not works. Every new post - featured or not - will be higher and on top (above the featured post).

How I can create a pinned post? Is there a mistake in the option "Featured Post"? Or a misunderstanding?

2 Apr 03, 2019 21:37

This is how it used to work indeed.
We'll check why it doesn't work that way any more.

5 Apr 04, 2019 21:10

Thanks, @yurabakhtin This was the solution.

I have used the manual in my b2evo and there the entry for featured posts. So, I have all things used as possible.

Thanks for the update of the manual.

A suggestion for the manual:
Sometimes it is not easy to find how to reach the point like in the manual. So it was a help for the readers to put a path into the entries like "Collections > collection-name > Features > Posts" for this manual site. The screenhot cutted it off.

If you take a path, you can correct it later if the entry will be found at another point after a change.

Thanks fot the help.

6 Apr 04, 2019 22:59

The path is on the top of every manual page.

The manual backoffice reference is organized in the same way the back office is.

7 Apr 05, 2019 18:54

You are right - there is a path. I have not seen yet, because it is under the dashboard if I am logged in (as you can see in the screenshot). So sorry for this.

And the menu on the left hand - yes, this I have not considered this.

Thanks for your response.

8 Apr 05, 2019 22:09

If the path is under the nav bar when you first load the page (without scrolling down) please tell me which browser / version / platform you are using.

9 Apr 20, 2019 19:01

sorry for the long delay - broken internet here.

It is strange now - I cannot reproduce it again. The path line will be visible every time I click the link in Firefox, Vivaldi and Chromium. I guess, I used Firefox before an update.

Thanks for your help.

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