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1 Apr 10, 2019 16:52    

I have tested this in the demo. Works correct. And then I saw, the demo is version 6.10.6, not 6.11.0 ;)

I have created a post, make it to a featured post and set in the features of the collection the checkbox to put them at top.
The post was correct, works fine.

Now I edit the post, the visibility to community. And click the button "Save and edit". The view change to "Site > Site dashboard", not back to the post.

I check the post on the frontsite. It is featured and marked as community visible.

Then I tried to change/delete text in the post. It is possible. I clicked again on the button "save & edit". The view change again to "Site > Site dashboard", not to the post as it should (and did in the demo).

The text in the post was not changed! I tried it then with disable the "Featured post" checkbox. Switch again to "Site > Site dashboard", without changing the text in the post.

I gues, this is a bug.

b2evo: 6.11.0
Browser: Vivaldi 2.4.1488.36 (Stable channel) (64-Bit)
OS: Windows 8.1

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