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1 Sep 10, 2015 23:06    

Still testing with 6.6.3 (the database is taken & upgraded from a 5.2-setup) ... and I'm stuck with loginproblems now (incorrect Crumb-failure) and secondly found an irritating situation with locales and charset.

In Regionale settings the Default locale set is 'German (DE) latin1', which is confusing, because i thought I do not have latin1, but utf-8 as documented in Available locals list below (see screenshot [which i don't know to upload in this new forum]).

And confusing as well: the login form is in english, but once i get the incorrect-Crumb-failure message, this message is in German ( i have set Collection Locale meanwhile to English (US) utf8 ).

b2e is set up at a while the relevant blog is on another domain ... skin is a derivat of pixel green, but i tested the crumb-failure positive also with 'Bootstrap Blog' skin

What can i do to get rid of the crumb failure?

3 Sep 11, 2015 08:58

1) On the locales screen. Reload your locales. Enable new De UTF8 locale. Select it as default. Save. Disable old de latin 1. Save. Reload locales. This will get rid of the locale issue.

2) incorrect cookie crumb with 2 domains is a classic case of your cookies being set on the wrong domain. Please check $cookie_domain configuration in the manual (or forums)... there should be plenty to read already...

4 Sep 11, 2015 20:44

thanks for your advice, fplanque! i got both 'problems' solved (i hope).

re 1) the German (DE) latin1' locale seems to be a naming problem only, because as you can see in the new/wider screenshot, although having the latin in its name, the Charset asigned is utf-8, which is what is needed. Is there a way to rename a locale or should i delete the old and create a new one?

re 2) i enabled
$cookie_domain = '.'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
in the advanced.php and this seemed to do the trick

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