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1 Sep 02, 2016 22:25    

Any help is highly appreciated.
I need to modify the typeface from Helvetica to Trebuchet and need to get rid of the gray border it puts on all tables.

3 Sep 03, 2016 06:14

Thanks for answering Francois.
As it says in the header, I'm using the standard blog template.

4 May 13, 2019 17:39

Does the style.min.css contain the full bootstrap settings?
Can bootstrap 4 css be used?

5 May 13, 2019 17:50

Do you mean the /skins/bootstrap_blog_skin/style.min.css in version 6.10.8 ??

There are many options that you could be reffering to, please provide more exact detail starting with the b2evo version and is skin you are using the default version etc. (What is bootstrap 4 ?)

To make a simple check, rename the css file that you are focused on and see what happens, see what formatting you loose and what you keep.

If you have a clearer idea about what formatting you want to modify, open another thread/topic starting with version number etc.

6 May 13, 2019 18:33

I am new to php, node,js, npm, grunt and b2evo. I am trying to develop these skills.

  1. Yes, I do mean "/skins/bootstrap_blog_skin/style.min.css in version 6.10.8" ?? But I am also trying to modify any skin that is chosen. The docs I have found are not clear on my general issues. I am informed on the full Bootstrap style sheets.
  2. As nearly as I can figure out b2evo is using Bootstrap version 3.++. Bootstrap 4 is the most current version.
  3. Before I installed b2evo, I created a home page based entirely on bootstrap 4 and jquery 3.3.1 - it can be seen at http:\

I am trying to get this home page and b2evo together. Which brings another question. I have enabled Grunt on my development server and particularly on the b2evo blog. I have Grunt set to watch for changes. Do I modify the style.css file or the style.less file. If I make the changes will Grunt automatically produce the minified version? When I finish the local site, I will upload the changes to the remote server.

7 May 13, 2019 22:04

In most skins both style.css and style.less are present. Which does b2evo 6.10.8 use. If both, are they for different purposes?

8 May 13, 2019 22:37

style.less is the source which you can grunt; which then produces style.css and style.min.css. By default, the skins use style.min.css.

Bootstrap v3 is included separately in the <head> of the skin. You could replace it with Bootstrap v4, which would probably require some changes to style.less to make things look square after that.

9 May 13, 2019 23:10

I made a commented change to style.less, ran grunt and it propagated to style.css, but did not propagate to style.min.css. Does grunt remove comments from the minified code?

10 May 14, 2019 11:22

I don't know what you lean with "commented change".

Of course comments are not included in the minified code. The whole point is to remove all the unnecessary bytes so it loads as fast as possible.

11 May 14, 2019 18:28

I learned that edits to the style.less file is propagated to the style.css file.
Edits to the style.css file do not propagate to to the style.less file.
Edits to style.less end up in style.less, style.css, and then style.min.css. Given this, it seems prudent to edit the .less and then run Grunt.

Until I went through this exercise I did not know comments were not included in the "min file". Precisely, I thought only space was removed. Until this project I had not used many of the tools I am trying to learn now. Because of my learning curve I will likely ask many questions that may seem dumb to you

BTW, I think your coding for b2evo is terrific.

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