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1 Apr 15, 2019 14:37    

I want to update the broken links on the Help Page, please let me know where to change the Link URL's

2 Apr 15, 2019 17:13

Which broken links? and remember to post version number :)

Are you just looking for the help page?

If you use the manual you will see there is a 'disp' page.

Look in the skin_fallback or your skin if you have an override look in your skin, and look for the file in this case _help.disp.php

3 Apr 16, 2019 09:11

There are some broken links in the above Section, I want to change the Url.

5 Apr 16, 2019 16:06

I did not create any Content Block, This is the default Content block that is getting displayed, I want to edit the default one.

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