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1 Mar 27, 2017 19:20    

Hello, I am tryng to install 6.9.1 Beta version on a local computer but the installation process stops with this error:

An unexpected error has occurred!
If this error persists, please report it to the administrator.

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Additional information about this error:
MySQL error!

Incorrect datetime value: '2017-03-26 02:13:46' for column 'comment_last_touched_ts' at row 1(Errno=1292)

Your query:

INSERT INTO evo_comments( comment_item_ID, comment_status,

      comment_author_user_ID, comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url, comment_author_IP,

      comment_date, comment_last_touched_ts, comment_content, comment_renderers, comment_notif_status, comment_notif_flags )

      VALUES( '22', 'published', '5', 'Paul Jones', 'postmaster@localhost', NULL, "", '2017-03-26 02:13:46', '2017-03-26 02:13:46', 'Hi!\n\nThis is a sample comment that has been approved by default!\nAdmins

   and moderators can very quickly approve

    or reject comments

  from the collection dashboard.', "default", "finished", "moderators_notified,members_notified,community_notified" )

Please what is the last version bug free?

2 Mar 28, 2017 01:37

Hi @minsky

Please what is the last version bug free?

Version 6.8.8 is the latest stable currently available:

However, I'm not able to reproduce the error you're reporting. So I think the issue you found is related with this other:

If the error persists, please give us more details about your local computer. Especially, the version of MySQL you are running, and also your timezone.

3 Mar 28, 2017 17:46

Thank you very much! That's the explanation. Daylight saving time changed here in Italy on Sunday, 26 March, 02:00. Therefore 02:13:46 is an invalid time for that date.
Now please how can I correct / circumvent the problem? May I just tamper a bit with some script / listing / query in the distribution, so to modify the offending item?

4 Mar 29, 2017 07:51

@minsky there is no problem. As this is a new site, did you try to delete all the tables created on incomplete install and run the installer again?

5 Mar 29, 2017 20:40

Just tried to do so. Deleted all the tables from the database, and ran the install again.
The procedure goes straight without asking any access parameters (remained from the previuos attemp, I suppose), but stuck at "Creating Blog A collection...", no message at all.

6 Apr 01, 2017 02:18

You should probably delete your DB and create a new one in MySQL to make sure you really start with a blank slate.

7 Apr 02, 2017 23:02

Yes, you are right. The database had to be deleted, and the install done on a new one to get rid of the errors.
I wonder how it be possible that the complete erasing of the tables may not be the same as a new database. What has been left behind?
Anyway, now it seems all ok, and I can begin testing.
Thank you!

8 Apr 05, 2017 01:14

I never see this case myself. I only know from experience that DB delete has an ultimate success rate compared to deleting all tables :p

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