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[6.9.3] observations/questions re URL & tiny URL & Dev-Menue

Started by on Jun 07, 2018 – Contents updated: Jul 11, 2018

Jun 07, 2018 13:03    

We run a 6.9.3 version (which has gone through several upgrades) in Multi-Domain Setup and observe some behaviour that - for perfect performance - needs a fix, which probably result from a shacky basic configuration.

our .htaccess is identical to sample.htaccess

For general understanding: should in a healthy setup work ALL options for 'Collection base URL' and/or 'Tag page URLs' (as well as all the other setup-options) given in the backend 'Collection base URL' or is it normal that some would not function?

There is an observation regarding the Dev-Menue: for all collections we see there 'Collection = "name"' and 'NO INDEX', which is not really helpful.

And finally: Tiny URLs are not working in all collections.

What would be the conclusion of this three observations (if they are related)?

And a remark: it would be helpful having somewhere documented how Tiny URLs are generated or if they are stored permanently, where one would find them in the database ..

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