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1 Dec 13, 2017 14:59    

I am developing a shopping cart plugin for b2evolution and the checkout wizard has a login / register section (See screenshot).

The issue I am having is that on submit (with an error) it redirects to the disp=login where the user may attempt to re-enter login details and I wish for it to return to disp=checkout but this is not possible because the disp mode is 'hard coded' in inc/ line: 514

6.9.4 inskin login and error handling for plugins

Could we make it possible to first check if a display mode is set by a plugin, ie: $disp = isset($disp) ? $disp : 'login';

2 Dec 14, 2017 06:10

@achillis does your code modification work? If so, you can send a pull request to Github (as you did a couple of weeks ago). That way it's easier to test and merge into the core. Just mention PR here in your posts so we can make sure they're on the dev team's track. Thank you.

3 Dec 14, 2017 11:40

@mgsolipa I appreciate that the dev team is VERY busy, the frustrating factor is that the feedback or input on these matters are very delayed and sometimes left unattended, or at least that is how it seems on my side. If b2evolution has a downside then that is at the top. It makes it difficult to gain insight in the direction of the development and if suggestions are accepted/considered.
Because of this, I am not sure if a pull request enjoy the attention it deserves or if a post here in the forum is a better route.

With that being said, I did as you suggested and lodged a pull request: I added two lines and removed one, tested it and it seems to check out and work as hoped.

Thank you for your input.

4 Dec 23, 2017 08:41

@achillis I understand. Being a small team makes that some decisions/actions take more time than others. I think that us being at least more communicative may help to reduce uncertainty.

Regarding your PR, I think it's good and can be merged. I asked @fplanque for the final decision (I don't usually push directly to the repo).


5 Feb 02, 2018 18:07

Any movement here?

6 Mar 15, 2018 23:15

Another forgotten request?

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