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1 Feb 06, 2018 15:18    

Hello friends !

I previoulsy presented (wow ! in 2012 !) a plugin to add a slideshow in a post. I come now with a new version (3.1) with quite some improvements. This version allows insertion of a slideshow in any post of photoblog or blogs evoPress, nifty_blue, dating_mood, nifty_corners, pixelgreen (and more to be tested). It works in version 6 of b2evo (and up, I hope). It installs easily like any other plugin (download, unzip in your_b2evo/plugins/, install from your backoffice Main settings/Plugins).

New :

  • the code to insert in your post body is simplified : almost all parameters may be defaulted, but if you need to use them they have clear keywords
  • the slideshow works either in the post body or in the "teaser" location
  • there is now an option for full screen display
  • instead of a slideshow, you may display a deep zoom image (using the free script openSeaDragon - included)

See a demo and more explanations as well as a download link there : (there is a link at the top to a french version)

There are many other slideshows in my blog(s) including some deep zoom images. Start there :


2 Feb 07, 2018 12:18

When I give a list of skins above in which the plugins "allows insertion of a slideshow", I mean insertion in the teaser. Otherwise I see no reason why a slideshow could not be inserted in a post body, whichever the skin... It was worth saying, no?

3 Feb 08, 2018 14:10

There was an error in the name of the zip file to upload : I named it b2slideshow.plugin instead of b2slideshow_plugin. The uncompress process produced a dir the name of which was not recognized by B2evo. Sorry.
Meanwhile, I added some code to try to detect non compatible skins. The current version is 3.1

4 Feb 09, 2018 10:16

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

5 Apr 18, 2018 16:52

One more interesting feature of my plugin

You may use the OSD (OpenSeaDragon) option to display any simple jpeg image as a deep zoom image and additionally have the possibility to display it full screen (what the built-in lightbox feature of b2evo does not allow).

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