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1 Jul 27, 2019 22:41    


while comparing two different installations of b2e on different hosters' but each of version 6.11.2 I realized, that in one installation at "/conf" there is a file _admin. The other installation does not have such a file, not in /conf nor elsewhere.

What is it about the _admin.? Is it better to delete it? Or keep it and if keep it, what does this (Reserved post type IDs.) cause?

Thanks and Regards; Will

2 Jul 28, 2019 14:52

There is no _admin in v6.11.2

So your instance is left over from an earlier version ~ change it's name and see if it is still called by any old skin etc or mod you may have made and if all seems ok then delete it.

3 Aug 02, 2019 01:04

That file is no longer needed.

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