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_admin (Reserved post type IDs.)

Started by on Jul 27, 2019 – Contents updated: Aug 02, 2019

Jul 27, 2019 22:41    


while comparing two different installations of b2e on different hosters' but each of version 6.11.2 I realized, that in one installation at "/conf" there is a file _admin. The other installation does not have such a file, not in /conf nor elsewhere.

What is it about the _admin.? Is it better to delete it? Or keep it and if keep it, what does this (Reserved post type IDs.) cause?

Thanks and Regards; Will

Jul 28, 2019 14:52

There is no _admin in v6.11.2

So your instance is left over from an earlier version ~ change it's name and see if it is still called by any old skin etc or mod you may have made and if all seems ok then delete it.

Aug 02, 2019 01:04

That file is no longer needed.

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