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1 Jun 07, 2024 01:42    

I have a quite big DB (more than 100,000 records) and the normal backup process (only for DB) always ends in fatal error. I run the heavy db maintenance cron once a month, so I thought to add _backup.class to the end of _heavy.db.maintenance.job, after optimizing is finished. But don't know how to do that.
Anyone can help?

2 Jun 08, 2024 21:53

the heavy db maintenance cron

Hi I'm not clear as to what that is, I never use 'crons' so you could enlighten me if you like. Exact details so I can try that to begin with.

Currently I can save my Database via a link via cPanel which is a bookmark on my browser.

I usually clear the [items-versions] and [sessions] before I back up, but it's only a 4 or 5 MB

3 Jun 12, 2024 00:54

What I do is to add the following code to the end of _heavy_db_maintenance.job.php (before return 1; / ok /)

load_class( 'maintenance/model/_backup.class.php', 'Backup' );

$results = Backup::start_backup();

And in _backup.class.php I added static to function start_backup.

But nothing happens...

4 Jun 13, 2024 02:12

Now it works

What I did was to copy start_backup(), backup_database() and has_included() functions from _backup.class.php (removing all $this->... and so on) into /tools/_maintenance.funcs.php (which is already loaded in _heavy_db_maintenance.job).

At the end of this program, I added

$results = start_backup();

And voilá! After optimizing all tables, the DB backup process starts and do its job.

5 Jun 13, 2024 12:05

It's a bit beyond what I want to learn, so glad you fixed it.


This thread is resolved.

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