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1 Jan 14, 2020 17:30    

Its not a feature and it is not a bug, but i think, this is the right section to post it:
if i got it right, it would be helpful to add a line in the back-office form as highlighted in the screenshot in green color

Additional line in back-office

2 Jan 14, 2020 18:23


But when you go to Collection Permissions you are not editing a group so why would you want a Group Title, let alone the group you may have just been editing. ??

Groups and Collections are independent data. A group is not a subset or child of a collection.

3 Jan 14, 2020 20:49

@ramadama I agree. Will do.

@amoun this page shows the permissions of group X on all collections.

5 Feb 06, 2020 16:51

Will be in next release.

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