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1 Feb 01, 2020 23:27    

You've done some awesome thing as far as layout options. Mostly done with widgets yet the widgets highlight button/link is gone when we need it most. Will that be brought back for the stable 7 release?

I installed with the full demo content. The Manual collection has three columns, left column(sidebar1) content column, right column(sidebar2). I won't be needing sidebar2 so I deactivated and then deleted all it's widgets but now I have an empty right column. I was kind of hoping everything would self adjust and center itself.

What would I need to do to just have a left sidebar and right main content, centered?

Suggestion/imho opinion - take it or leave it

Demonstrate the three column layout on one of the Blog collections instead of the Manual as I think it would be more apt to to be used on a blog type collection. Left TOC and right main content is pretty well standard for docs/manuals/wikis.

Did run into one install issue. I couldn't log in after install because hash/Salt. Deleted basic_config and went back to install and it recommended converting db to utf8. I did so and was able to log in then. Didn't want to read the hash Salt in non-utf8 encoding I guess?

2 Feb 02, 2020 03:15

I figured out the right column thing. Turn off 3 col layout with the "customizer".

3 Feb 03, 2020 16:55

Also figured out how/when widgets and page containers are viewed. In the new customizer on the widgets tab. Once there, you hover over containers on the page and they get outlined with container/widget names.

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