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1 Jan 03, 2018 19:51    

After Updating every single url calls the same content single page (exept the titel).
Check: and call different cards. You'll see, that with exeption of the title the content keeps the same.

I tried to check by editing the single pages in backend. The content is there and when previewing that content every thing is ok. But in the moment I cklick on the titel to reload preview to view I don't get that content back but content that belongs to another title an url. It is really very, very strange. Never seen before.

Thanks and Regards!

Or should I reinstall 9.6.4 from backup?

3 Jan 03, 2018 22:14

By differential diagnose I got a significant bug: the image-management obviously does not work properly. At the end of each of my articles I published a thumbnail (inline). This thumbnail is missing on each of the single pages.
And another image, my portrait, which comes also nearly at the end of each single Post does not show the image but a symbol, that image is loaded.
See e.g.:

Attached you find two screenshots: "Vorschau" i.e. preview that show the page as it is proper loaded (green circle). The other screenshot shows the post as it is printed by calling the address (URL) that does not work as it should (red circle)..

May be this bug corresponds with another bug happened after upgrading to 9.6.5 posted in the forum. She reported, that after upgrading, the images in the image widget disappeared. @fplanque replied to this post and asked for a screenshot (I wonder why I cannot find this post again. it must have been posted after 9.6.5 was published. Sry.)

May be this is helpful.
Latest tomorrow early morning I have to set the system back to 9.6.4. because otherwise I would loose visitors and get some SEO troubles.
Regards! Will

4 Jan 04, 2018 00:55

Having troubles restoring 9.6.4

Because I need a working collection I tried to restore the www and db bached up data (I did not override the upgrade but set up a new instance, using the backed up date. I renamed the dir and changed the con _basic_config.php to the new 9.6.4 db parameters. (I set up a new db and made a dumb with the db I backed up)
I thought this would work, but it does not. :-(
I get the following error message.
So please tell me how to get a restored version working.
(In case I ask my hoster to set the system back, much of the work in the last days would be lost. So that would be the worst case)

5 Jan 04, 2018 02:19

OK - I had to rerun the install process (I fetched the install folder from 9..6.4) and I got the restored version running.
But most of the settings, esp. skin setting, have been lost. (I wonder why) - So I had to do all the settings again, using old screenshots I made from all backend settings in a wise sense.
Since I have made the upgrade and realized, that the upgrade to 9.6.5 does not work, to come back to a working Website it needed more than 8 hours work. And further work needs to be done to fit the settings for the other five collections.

So I hope that the upgrading bug can be fixed in a way I can use the up to now not working instance I left on my system waiting for it..
And, what I also hope is, that the upgrade to versions, that are labeled as stable, really work.

6 Jan 04, 2018 04:11

The content caching bug you can fix by disabling block cache for all your collections.

The image bug I am still trying to reproduce.

7 Jan 04, 2018 04:15

@saunders What is the "source code" you typed in in the post edit form for the images that do not properly show?

Also please give me the URL of a page that would have a broken image in 6.9.5.

8 Jan 04, 2018 04:46

We have released v6.9.6 that fixes the content caching issue.

We have checked 9 sites running 6.9.6 for image problems and could not find any issue. is running 6.9.6. can you reproduce a broken image in the forums?

9 Jan 04, 2018 10:44

@fplanque Thanks for that fix! I upgraded to 6.9.6. and the site works pretty fine as before the upgrade to 6.9.5.
Also the image problem is gone. The thumbnails work as intended. Great. I have been really threatened and in a way freaking out yesterday. So I am glad.

Regards, Will

PS: Please excuse my obvious dyslexic handicap (I have not thought to have one) by messing up the version number (instead 6.9.5 , 9.6.5)

10 Jan 05, 2018 01:49

Yes, I freaked out a little too when I first saw the "wrong content" bug :]

11 Jan 05, 2018 13:38

Saves me having to mention all the mixed up posts here a few days ago :)

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