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1 Jan 13, 2020 18:11    

I notice I can't upload image files with 'PNG' but 'png' is ok. Is the b2evo site set not to accept uppercase extensions, not that I've tried, but my wondows machine keeps saving screen shots with caps extensions and I upload and get this problem. UPLOAD FAILED

2 Jan 13, 2020 23:10

Apologgies for lack of background.
Verison 6.11.4, but has happened on other versions.

The problem occurs If I click on the Drag and Drop blue bar that goes green. Then I click to manualy select a file. UPLOAD FAILS with PNG.

3 Jan 14, 2020 01:14

ok we'll check that.

4 Jan 19, 2020 01:42

Will be fixed in next release.

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