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1 Nov 29, 2018 09:16    

Auto Links

So when I typed in that I switched to B2Evolution I noticed that it automatically linked to your website.
I thought Cool! I want that and read up on it.
It says to go to /plugins/autolinks_plugin
Change definitions.default.txt

And then gave me instructions on how to do it

`baker creek;;;

; [b] <--- I did this and it doesn't work![/b]

; b2evo stuff

I found "Custom definitions" and tried there, no dice!

Any Suggestions?

2 Nov 29, 2018 14:38

You can't have a space in the first term.

1) baker creek;;; dosen't work
2) baker&nbsp;creek;;; dosen't work
3)baker_creek;;; is OK

Anyway try a test using the custom def panel again :)

See baker for now

3 Nov 29, 2018 22:25


Did you look at my site?

4 Nov 29, 2018 22:34

Just showing images of my setup.

Can you give me the link to the post you have put [Baker_creek} on

5 Nov 29, 2018 22:51

If the text is on the page the question for me is what the code says, which I can see from source.?
Was the test written to the database and if it was what part of the plugin is off?

Image of the entry in my database, so if you have that at least that part of the plugin is working.

7 Nov 29, 2018 23:42

Good you've got it working so it was an https issue, for you, as well as not allowing spaces

All the best

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