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1 Nov 10, 2018 15:20    

Is it reasonable to make a hack to check the validity of a senders email address.
Like :: Send a copy of any message to the sender first and wait to see if the recipient's server accepts it as a valid email address before continuing.

Currently a message from

From: Mr Spam
Email: <anything@anywhere.crap>
Subject: Just messing with you

will be sent

2 Nov 11, 2018 14:57

It might work but spammers will start using real email addresses of innocent people and we will be spamming those people with the confirmation emails and they will report us as spammers :/

3 Nov 11, 2018 18:32

Yes you correct I rarely think ahead much :)

Is it possible just to check that the address is real by some sort of ping to the email server without the recipient, if real, knowing ??

4 Nov 11, 2018 20:17

Indeed it would be possible to check if anywhere.crap has a real email server running, but in case it has not the timeout delay will be atrociously long to endure for the user (especially if he made a typo like gmai.lcom)

But if done asynchronously with a scheduled task this could be interesting.

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