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1 Jun 03, 2017 19:26    

Looking back at my similar post I'm a little put out. The same has happened again I get an error that saying "/install/index.php?action=auto_upgrade&locale=en-GB requested isn't found at this location" Screenshot on next post
and true the folder doesn't exist, here's a shot from Filezilla Screenshot on next post

The site seems fine from the base url.

It seems that once I click on the [continue to installer] button I get a new screen with an error message saying "/install/index.php?action=auto_upgrade&locale=en-GB requested isn't found at this location" which maybe because once the install has worked the [install[ folder has been deleted yet something is trying to link me to some sort of install page

UPDATE: I think it is a delay issue as the [install] folder appeared later and I had to delete it manually although [upgrade_policy.conf] is set to do it.

2 Jun 05, 2017 01:35

The screen shots:

  1. The page were all is ok till clicking on button
  2. Screen shot to show install folder missing

3 Jun 05, 2017 10:44

Again, it is an issue of your hosting company that doesn't make the files available through the web as soon as they are created on disk. They probably have some multiple disk setup with replication set up.

Do one of these:

  • Change hosting companies
  • Or don't use auto install
  • Or wait long enough before calling the install part of the script

4 Jun 05, 2017 12:26

:) Will consider your suggestions
I'll try the third option first as the doing a manual ftp on a 0.5M connection is a bit of bore. By the way when I wanted to download 6.8.9 it wasn't available getting it now :)

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