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1 Jul 30, 2017 15:42    

Good afternoon,

Less then two months to reach the 49 ICT years, with long career always on it, I have seen it all a bit, however there is a question that makes me very sick: the lack of quality in support services that many companies give to the final consumer

If in some companies such fact does not admire me, given its size; others, however, mainly because they have given us the contrary; that give a very bad feeling that I cannot conform.

It's the case of Hostgator! Since their very beginning I work with them, and as general I've never had big problems with them. But in recent months the situation has struck a complete debacle.

This is mainly due to the support of a few less asses children and that little know of these dances. But we also have the arrogance that some specimens, with splashes of complete rudeness, with which the brats treat the customers.

I have mine, from NGOs to which I am associated, and company and institutions with whom I work, more than 50 websites hosted at Hostgator, but, there is always a but, I am sick of the endures; I want to change the environment and horizons.

So here I write these lines in order to get your opinion on the best of web hosting, taking into account the binomial cost/quality?

I feel lighter. I've breast cancer survivor.

Awaiting your comments.

Kep Cool


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