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1 Oct 01, 2014 06:11    

This forum is really annoying since last update. I can't write any accent as I have this error:

Invalid post, please correct these errors:
Parser error: Invalid character near

I can't copy my system settings or anything like this without removing all special characters.

2 Oct 08, 2014 08:36

Hi @mel_t,

Can you send us a screenshot showing some of those characters? Is this situation happening only when you make a new post or do you also get the error sending comments?


3 Oct 09, 2014 01:22

Happen in comment or in new message. Either preview or send (anyway it's impossible to submit).

4 Oct 12, 2014 03:34

Mélanie... I don't understand why it works for me :p

5 Oct 12, 2014 03:36

Mélanie, this is a test with FireFox (the previous was with Safari)

6 Oct 12, 2014 03:37

Mélanie, I changed your user prefs from "English - latin 1" to "English - UTF8".
Can you please try again?

(this is of course just a temporary solution)

Also, how long since "the last update" which started the issue? (we sometimes update several times a week, so we don't know what you mean with "last update")

7 Oct 12, 2014 04:10

Ok. now, it works. I never checked those preferences...
I'm sorry, I can't say when it was. Maybe around end of september.
PS I'm on Firefox (and it didn't try something else)

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