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1 Apr 21, 2014 07:06    

dear sirs, i read and tried manual, but get stucked,

is there any guide, how to simplify this url for seo ?

hopefully can change that url into more simple one, like:

thank you in advance for advise, sirs

3 Apr 25, 2014 13:55


i did mistake which made me stucked again sir,

just can make like this:

while i tried to be able like this:
* change that blog2.php to the folder /blogwords,

i did your simple step guidance, still cant get the result well, sir
after i changed url, relative to /blogwords, couldnt get back to admin page

tried to look at /conf/_config.php :: only starred at those lines,
seaching for which part to change, i couldnt find any clue


4 Apr 26, 2014 23:17

All right, lets start again.

At this moment, is working properly. So lets work over your own example.

1) Create the folder blogwords in blogs. The new path should look like: blogs/blogwords
2) Copy blogs/blog2.php to blogs/blogwords
3) Rename blogs/blogwords/blog2.php to blogs/blogwords/index.php
4) Edit the line 34 of blogs/blogwords/index.php by adding ../ before of the conf/_config.php section. Your new line should look like this: require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/../conf/_config.php';
5) Set the Blog base URL ( to Relative to baseurl and type blogwords/ in the field next to the radio button's label.
6) Save changes.

I can't explain it any simpler. Those are the exact steps that I followed to make an URL like the one that want to work in a fresh installed b2evo. If it doesn't work, maybe there is another issue that we are missing.

Please, let us know how is this going.


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