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1 Sep 29, 2016 18:46    

The most common blacklisted term is "article".
See attached.

3 Oct 01, 2016 20:53

Go to your local blacklist and remove those words by clicking the green checks to re-enable those words:

Your next question will likely be: how did those words get into the blacklist? it makes no sense.

Answer: during the 10 years you have had auto-updates of the central blacklist turned on, you have downloaded stuff that should never have gotten onto the central blacklist.

How di it get on the central blacklist? A: at some point, someone thought it was cool to crowdsource the blacklist. And some German dude for example would validate "article" as a spam word because "article" is not a German word...

The central blacklist goes through a much thorough review process now before sending out new blacklisted words.

Also a future version will allow us to revoke spam words like "article" which have been marked as spam somewhere in the past.

4 Oct 02, 2016 01:26

And yes, that would have been the next question.
Next question: is there a way to prune the system log?

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