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1 Aug 29, 2019 00:00    

I have the latest stable release and noticed that the business blog skin doesnt appear to work with it. I get this error when I use it

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function widget_container() in /home/mikesand/public_html/skins/business_skin-7.3.4/ Stack trace: #0 /home/mikesand/public_html/inc/skins/_skin.funcs.php(2105): require() #1 /home/mikesand/public_html/skins/business_skin-7.3.4/front.main.php(36): skin_include('') #2 /home/mikesand/public_html/inc/ require('/home/mikesand/...') #3 /home/mikesand/public_html/index.php(69): require('/home/mikesand/...') #4 {main} thrown in /home/mikesand/public_html/skins/business_skin-7.3.4/ on line 29
That code is here and I dont know how to fix it
// ------------------------- "Page Top" CONTAINER EMBEDDED HERE --------------------------
// Display container and contents:
widget_container( 'page_top', array(
// The following params will be used as defaults for widgets included in this container:
'container_display_if_empty' => true, // Display container anyway even if no widget
'container_start' => '<div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-6 pull-right page-top"><div class="evo_container $wico_class$">',
'container_end' => '</div></div>',
'block_start' => '<div class="evo_widget $wi_class$">',
'block_end' => '</div>',
'block_display_title' => false,
'list_start' => '<ul>',
'list_end' => '</ul>',
'item_start' => '<li>',
'item_end' => '</li>',
) );
// ----------------------------- END OF "Page Top" CONTAINER -----------------------------

Any Idea for a fix or is there another MASONARY theme that I can use?

2 Aug 29, 2019 00:03

What version of the business blog skin are you using?

3 Aug 29, 2019 00:15

7.3.4 the latest skin

5 Aug 30, 2019 09:44

OK, My Bad. After doing some researching ------- I have B2 6.** and downloaded the Version for b2 7***
Once I downloaded the correct skin for my version of B2, it is working perfectly. Thank you and sorry for wasting your time.

6 Aug 30, 2019 15:07

@mikes There should be a message somewhere preventing you to use the wrong version. We'll see why it did not work.

7 Sep 24, 2019 23:27

We made new ZIP files that will detect you're running the wrong version of the skin.

8 Oct 04, 2019 23:40

Could someone give me an example of just 1 styling that works so that I can see the syntax, please.

If you have time do the same with the dom tool.

I have tried:

font-size: 20px;

9 Oct 05, 2019 02:32

You need to apply it to something, like

.classname { font-size: 20px; }

replace classname with a real classname you find in the dom.

10 Oct 06, 2019 19:03

Could I create the classname in the tool provided for the dom?

11 Oct 07, 2019 02:49

Hi wrc
The class names that exist in b2evo should be shown in the dom, so it is a matter of using an existing class name in your style sheet.

13 Oct 08, 2019 20:12

Just an after-thought as I'm not sure how familiar you are with adding css. Sometimes I find I can't get it right for hours.
Sometimes I have to add the important attribute{ **:**** !important)

Then there's finding the best place after the deafult css files are loaded.
1. All the default b2evo files

  1. The /skins/yourcurrentskin/style.css
  2. The/media/blogs/yourblogname/style.css
  3. Skin and Style section of the [Settings > Advanced] tab in the back office

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