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1 Sep 12, 2016 16:22    

I noticed that the titles of featured posts as well as normal posts automatically hyperlink to the full post content, which then also allows comments etc. However, Intro-Front posts don't seem to allow such interactivity. Why is that? Is there a way to enable this?

In the widget settings for Featured/Intro Post I have tried both:
Link title: Automatic
Link title: Item URL

Neither one did anything.

I'm using the latest version: 6.7.6-stable released on 31/08/16

3 Sep 14, 2016 05:09

Not quite.
It depends on how your front page is configured and what skin you are using. If your front page shows recent posts by default, for example, all article titles will will be hyperlinked by default as well.
That said, I never quite understood the concept of featured posts, because it did not result in anything in particular (at least not in my setting / skin).
Maybe FP can elaborate.

4 Sep 14, 2016 18:25

It confused me intitally as well. They don't show on the Recent Posts-type page as far as I remember from my early trials.

In the Bootstrap Blog skin I use Special Frontpage + Featured/Intro Post and Featured Posts widgets to leverage the featured post options. That works a treat. It keeps the featured posts on top of other regular recent posts (Simple Post list widget w/o feature status) on the page. By limiting the number of featured posts to 3 or something, you can make that section precious and relevant.
Also, Featured Posts (but not the Intro posts) from any blog will pop up in the Featured Posts widget on your home page if it's a Main-type page. That's pretty cool, as it basically keeps my home page ticking over with new content effortlessly.

5 Sep 14, 2016 18:25

@gerardp The demo site is full of featured posts that show up differently.

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