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Comment Excerpt bug in Recent Comments Widget, in 6.9.3

Started by on Sep 04, 2017 – Contents updated: Sep 12, 2017

Sep 04, 2017 21:17    


Activating "Comment Excerpt" Option in "recent comments"(Comment List) widget cause a bug (s. screenshot)
You can rebuild this also in your demo installation.
Could you please support a fix?


Sep 04, 2017 22:16

@saunders I'm not able to reproduce this neither in local nor in the demo site.

Can you please give us more details about to how to do it? What collection? Fresh install + demo contents?

Sep 04, 2017 23:08

@mgsolipa last week I could reproduce the bug also on your demo BLOG A. Now it seems to be fixed on demo site.

I tried to compare (see screenshot). I recognized that my Recent Comments Widget allows Caching, while the widget in the Demo does not allow. But I cannot figure out the reason therefore, because both use 6.9.3
(I deleted the widget and integrated it again under Sidebar 2)

Collection fokus.genba.
It worked until the upgrade to 6.9.3


Sep 05, 2017 00:02

All right, finally!! I found it. Actually, it can be also reproduced in the demo site.

Let me report it to the developers.

Thank you.

Sep 11, 2017 08:39

@mgsolipa I fixed the code as suggested, but get this error message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'if' (T_IF) in /data/web/e65807/html/blogs/inc/comments/model/_comment.class.php on line 2625

Sep 12, 2017 09:56

@mgsolipa thanks and sorry. Although I aimed to copy those lines exactly and override the old file ones, there obviously rooted the error, I reported in my last post. Now, I copied the whole file and everything works pretty fine. Thanks a lot for your friendly an effective support!

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