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1 Mar 30, 2014 11:16    

b2evolution 5.0.6-stable

On my site I've got a custom image uploaded at /rsc/img/default_avatar.jpg. That option is selected in the user display settings, as well as 'use gravatar' being selected there too. I changed the default image at a later point, but the new image is not showing up. Instead the old one is showing. I've deleted my browser cache a bunch of times and restarted, as well as the blog's, tried loading the page in different browsers, but nothing seems to get the new image to show. It's been about half a day now so Gravatar's cache should have caught up too. In fact going to the Gravatar URL for the image presents the old image and not the new.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to clear the cache for the image?

2 Mar 30, 2014 14:18

Hello @fredsy,

I guess this issue is related with the cache of an external tool, so it is not under our control. There should be a more elegant solution for sure, but this one that I would suggest you will help you to solve the problem inmediately.

Just go to your site's _advanced.php file (, locate the variable $default_avatar and change its value from this:

$default_avatar = $rsc_url.'img/default_avatar2.jpg';

to this:

$default_avatar = $rsc_url.'img/default_avatar2.jpg';

(Note that I added the number 2 to the file name).

After that, rename the file /blogs/rsc/img/default_avatar.jpg to /blogs/rsc/img/default_avatar2.jpg.

Additionally, I changed the Default gravatars value ( from "Default image" to "Gravatar", and after that I switched back to "Default image" again. Maybe it's not necesary, but those were the exact steps I followed.


3 Mar 30, 2014 15:22

Thanks so much. I had been looking in the skin and inc/comments files, but not in config. That fixed it, although removing the changes showed the old image still cached - it looks like I'll just have to remember to redo the renaming when/if it comes time to upgrade.

:) Thank you!

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