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1 Sep 11, 2018 16:35    

Download Message interferring with Post Title

V 6.10.2 and an old zen skin that I've hacked a bit

This occurred during updating files to download, so I'm a bit bemused.
The image shows what I get. The message overwrites the post title and adds grey formatting to the message which overlaps part of the post text.
Then is will not go a way whatever clickable option is chosen. (download: save : open :here)
The screenshot doesn't include the URL which is

So I'm hoping someone can see a simple solution.


How does the message overwrite the post title ??

Download Message interferring with Post Title

2 Sep 11, 2018 17:12

OK I'm searching for a coding error, like a missing closing tag to a div
which I now see in the previous image, but I can't find it ???

Part of the reason I can't find the error as it isn't there until I try and download and I can't see yet how the header is modified to remove the topic title etc.

Giving myself a head ache trying to sort this non stop for hours.
Please got to and let me know what you think of the problem.

Any ideas will be appreciated :(

The <header> Tag overwrites the post title and everything until [skin_include( '']

I have tried changing skins but I either get the same result (evopress) or the links don't show (Manual, Colourise and Pixel skin)
Will now delete my various style.css etc.

OK I'm getting somewhere. After deleting the style.css in the [/media/***] I get exactly the same problem with (Evopress) and no links with the others as mentioned. I get the same error

	<div class="evo_post_title"</div>
		<h1>Download: mathterms.css</h1>

3 Sep 13, 2018 00:31

OK Think I've found the error in [/skins_fallback_v5/download.disp.php] in version 6.10.2

	<div class="evo_post_title"</div>
		<h1>Download: <?php echo $download_File->get_name(); ?></h1>

Note the missing closing &gt; after the class="evo_post_title"

Will correct and see if that solves the problem
Oh dear. It has an effect but it is more of a mess so will have to check it all out from scratch

Next step was to remove the closing </div> which is better.

	<div class="evo_post_title">
		<h1>Download: <?php echo $download_File->get_name(); ?></h1>

I no longer get an html error as in the beginning of the post but the code block still overwrites the post title and won't go away.

5 Sep 13, 2018 23:04

Ok Thanks

Meanwhile I have completely messed with [_download.disp.php] and moved to my skin folder, so I just get the browser pop-up and keep my post as is with just a little notification.

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