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1 Sep 13, 2018 17:45    

evo_bar user profile needs cookies enabled for https

Hi Francois

The problem I had was appearing not to be logged in when I go to my user name on the evo bar. It was not so much, as you indicated, a mix of transferring from http to https other than my browser is set to not allow cookies unless I make exceptions and I didn't have one for

So all good now :)


2 Sep 15, 2018 01:08

Oh I don't actually know that browser option. Which browser is it? Where is the option? Thanks.

3 Sep 15, 2018 01:37

I thought all browsers had that option, maybe I didn't explain well enough. Anyway I'm using Firefox 60. Hmm Edge doesn't seem to have it.
Excuse the colour scheme and the images below are in the wrong order. Anyway https has to entered separately from http, so although you can see I have allowed cookies from further down the list I now have the

4 Sep 15, 2018 01:57

No, all browsers don't have that. Safari has a ridiculous "Block all cookies" with no exception handling:

5 Sep 15, 2018 18:18

Ah! Lucky me, moved away from Explorer with Firefox and Microsoft with Ubuntu. Gone back to Windows due to a camera interface, but never like the closed philosophy of Apple.
Opera is OK too :)

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