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1 Feb 04, 2018 14:39    

I'd like to have a two-columns layout showing only post excerpts, but displaying a thumbnail of an post image as well. Is this possible?

Some skins let you use a 2 or even 3 column layout. But they display the whole post. If I change this in the blog setting, if I make it display excerpts only, the thumbnails are never shown.

I suppose hacking around in the code might change this behavior? But how? Thanks!

2 Feb 06, 2018 07:00

@nomad just to clarify, do you want to show posts in 2 and/or 3 columns side-by-side? I can't find a skin that let you do that right now, just post+sidebar and posts+sidebar1+sidebar2 (legacy skins).

Can you please send the skin you're thinking on so we can help you to modify it?

5 May 12, 2018 10:20

Nobody has an idea about how to do it? I've been looking at Business Blog Skin again, one the few promising skins available

6 May 13, 2018 02:06

I'm not sure about what the Business Blog skin can do but some of the default bootstrap definitely can do it.

Have you tried all the widgets and widget settings on the business skin?

7 May 21, 2018 11:08

Hi and thanks for your answer. After some digging in the settings I found the option you mentioned. Very good! The only problem is that an ugly icon is displayed for posts without pictures. It would be nicer without any icon. At least, it should be configurable, in my view

8 May 30, 2018 22:48

Can you screenshot what you get, i-e: "ugly icon" in context?

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