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1 Apr 06, 2015 21:37    

It is possible to select files in back office (admin.php?ctrl=files) and the user then has a few options... one of them is to download the selected files as a ZIP file. This means that all the files will be zipped (compressed) and downloaded..

here is my question/request:

File Size for Uploads are restricted:

*Maximum upload filesize:
KB. This cannot be higher than your PHP/Webserver setting (PHP: 128M/328M (upload_max_filesize/post_max_size)) and the limit of $upload_maxmaxkb (in /conf/_advanced.php), which is currently 32000 KB!

Could the Dev team please, please add the function/ability to create a zip file from the selected files and leave it on the server?

I would like to make it possible for my clients to download their images (from a photography session) directly from my site.
the problem is if I compress it and upload the zip archive it would be too big, and won't upload, however, I can upload all the images, but then I can't zip them on the server from my site.

Can this be done? Maybe it is already possible?

If this feature does not exist yet, creating it would be cool, with a "Delete selected Files on success" option.

ps, perhaps this post should be moved to Dev requests..


2 Apr 06, 2015 23:52

Does the above fit the bill?

3 Apr 07, 2015 08:46

Yes, exactly like that! Please! (:

4 Apr 07, 2015 15:11

Ok, it's in the pipeline :)

5 Apr 10, 2015 13:30

@fplanque In addition could a "total files selected (##)" be displayed at the top or bottom of the confirmation page?

7 Jan 02, 2016 20:56

Update: this feature will be release shortly in b2evo v 6.7.0

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