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1 Oct 02, 2012 19:45    

There is a recent drafts section in the dashoard you know, we should add a "see all drafts" button near it (very much like the + new post link) .(Nothing fancy, just a regular link to show_statuses[]=draft&s=&sentence=AND&cat=&ctrl=items&tab=list
would suffice.

Because if you want to see all your drafts, you have to take 3 steps:
posts > select drafts > filter

So, it would save a lot of time for people writing frequent posts, or pooling their drafts to publish later.It will turn empty space to something.

2 Oct 03, 2012 19:09

Added to the feature request list.

3 Jun 27, 2015 09:52

This is the kind of thing I like about b2evo, it doesn't seem to matter how old the request, given a little time, it will be added to the list. You could argue it's been a while coming, but I'd much sooner have the major upgrade you've just delivered.

4 Jun 27, 2015 14:20

We sorted through approx 100 feature requests yesterday , reprioritizing them... ;)

This is also a good case for attaching screenshots to the forum posts/comments rather than using an external service where they end up getting lost..

5 Jan 06, 2016 22:01

Ok, we're doing it like this:

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