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First blog not using the chosen skin

Started by on Oct 08, 2015 – Contents updated: Oct 13, 2015

Oct 08, 2015 20:27    

If this has been answered previously, forgive the noob.

I've installed the app and everything seemed good until I started removing and adding. I have three blogs set up for my client. For whatever reason the default skin(light streaming in) will not show up. I've removed it and put it back in. I'm using the latest version.
Thanks in advance!

Oct 09, 2015 01:25

So, what shows up instead?

Can you share URLs and/or screenshots of what you get and what your config screens look like?


Oct 09, 2015 23:49

I see "Mark Blog" with the default skin. What's wrong? What did you expect?

Oct 10, 2015 01:43

I had selected the default skin which had the sun streaming through.

Oct 10, 2015 02:13

You are trying to use a skin designed for a Homepage/Main Collection on a Blog Collection. That is prone to creating frustrations because it's not designed for that use.

Technically it's still possible to use it but if you want to see the sunset, you have to specify that your collection wants to display a "special front page" so that you get that special front page actually displayed:

Otherwise you'll only get it by calling it explicitly:

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