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1 Sep 07, 2017 16:59    

My site was upgraded to 6.9.3 a few days ago. Since then, the font colors for one collection have changed, specifically in the site skin bar. (I think that is what it is called). The font is blue and the selected item is blue highlighted in white. The other collections on the site did not change. The collection that changed is using Bootstrap Photoblog skin and this problem seems to affect only that skin. The font color change is not specific to this one collection as I can replicate it on other collections on my site.

I've attached screen shots showing the issue in a comment below.

I tried to change the colors in the site / skins page in the back office, but there is no such page (unless I am missing where it is). A screen shot showing the site tab is also in the comment following.

Any idea how to fix the colors in on the site skin bar?


2 Sep 07, 2017 17:03

Here is composite of 3 screen shots showing the menu bar in 3 collections, the one that changed is at the top. Also a screenshot of the site page where there is no skin tab.

3 Sep 08, 2017 00:58

I confirm. It's a bug of the Bootstrap Photoblog Skin. We will fix it asap.

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