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1 Aug 01, 2017 22:39    

I mean the collections tabs on the top.

2 Aug 02, 2017 20:08

@csaba do you mean the black bar inside the red square on the screenshot below?

PS: please remember to include as many screenshots as you can along with your posts. That will help to speed things up.

3 Aug 06, 2017 16:13

I am new to b2evolution
and I was wondering myself same question.

4 Aug 07, 2017 07:23

Hi duardito,

Please add more context so we can help you appropriately. Thanks.

5 Aug 08, 2017 09:18

I mean, change color inside red square in previous screenshoot.

6 Aug 15, 2017 04:01

Using the Developer > Inspector in Firefox, or right clicking on element and > Inspect Element; I found the class is [.navbar-inverse] in [/rsc/css/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.css]

Search for the class and you will find the background-color set to #222


Change the hashed color code

Have fun

PS you can do a temporary change in the Inspector where you can uncheck boxes and change values etc. this can help ensure you locate the right object.

7 Sep 06, 2017 00:59

b2evolution 7.0 will allow customizing the site header from the backoffice.

Here's a little screenshot ;)

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