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1 Nov 28, 2014 22:20    

If you create a link in the "Write Post" area (like here), you have a button for the creation of a link. Most of cases I want to open a new window for the link and add manually the part of text for it.

It would be better to have a checkbox for this. I have created a image for this - its attached here. If you click the second option, the text in the field ("_blank") will be in the color black.

2 28 Nov 2014 22:21

The image in a new post (not possible in the first one).

3 29 Nov 2014 10:18

Hi @ednong,

I appreciate how enthusiast and participative you are, and I encourage you to keep doing it!

As all the requests that we receive, this will be evaluated and eventually implemented, according the general concensus and also the priority in relation with the other pending tasks. Please remember that the development team is mainly focussed in security, performance, code design and bug fixing matters.

I think the devs haven't made any hack in the editor's code before, and there is a good reason, keep it as simple as possible, so bugs, updates, etc, are managed by the code owners and not by us. Actually, we do not touch any third-party code (TinyMCE in this case) unless there are integration issues, thus the changes use to be based in functionality and not in custom features. However, I guess that is not a closed door, so let's see.


4 01 Dec 2014 01:38

TinyMCE already has the option to select a Target for a link (but not change the name).

The b2evo toolbar button on the other hand is a simple Javascript dialog that displays much faster than a custom one would (and much faster than TinyMCE).

We do not feel a 3rd option is necessary but someone could create a plugin with an enhanced toolbar if really needed.

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