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FR: chart creating w/o flash and new with javascript

Started by on Nov 07, 2014 – Contents updated: Nov 16, 2014

Nov 07, 2014 22:50    

Flash will be reduced more and more in future, so I guess it is a good idea to change from flash to javascript for the charts in the backend.
I'm using Kubuntu and Firefox with gnash, so it is not possible to see the flash charts (other flash things works fine).

My suggestion for a solution:
Or - one of the presented in the following articles:

If I could code this, I would do it. But I'm sorry, I can't. So it would great, if there will be a change away from flash for the charts.

08 Nov 2014 11:00

Hello @ednong,

Thanks for your suggestion. I also put my two cents on this idea.

Actually, I was playing around with Highcharts to make stacked columns charts, and we can get somehting pretty similar to our current flash version ( i.e.: ). Let's see what's the opinion of the developers.

Thank you.

16 Nov 2014 14:14

Actually, a new implementation of the flash-based charts is comming on future releases. It is based in the jqPlot library (

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