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1 Jan 13, 2015 02:06    

it would be great to have the possibility to make a link in a legend of an image.

In some cases - licensing or other - it is neccessary to have a backlink in the legend of images. At the moment it will not be rendered.

The second thing: it will be good to make a line break (br) in the legend, so it will not be a veeeeery long line under the image and I could divide it into 2 or more lines. At the moment the "br" will not be rendered correctly.

Thanks for reading. ;)

2 14 Feb 2015 12:01

Hi @ednong,

I guess that inserting HTML code into the description is not allowed by security reasons. However, line breaks are automatically created if you add the caption to the image using the "Meta data method" ( All the text written in the "Caption/Description" field will be displayed as the caption of the image at the front-end (including the line breaks). Of course, if you use the "inline tag method" ( it is not possible.

Just a little tip, if you need to accept html code in the description of your files, go to inc/files/files.ctrl.php and replace the line

$edited_File->set( 'desc', param( 'desc', 'text', '' ) );

with this other

$edited_File->set( 'desc', param( 'desc', 'html', '' ) );

As always, I must say that core hacks are not recommended, but you are free to do it if you want to (open source + free software benefits :D).

3 14 Feb 2015 12:03

In addition to above, let's make the UFR and see how this idea evolves.


4 16 Feb 2015 19:41

Of course, if you use the "inline tag method" ( it is not possible.

That, dear mgsolipa, that is the case I meant ;)

I'm using this inline tag, because its a little easier than the normal way to include images. And I put the data in the Description field, if I upload the images.

Its pitty that this will not work with the inline tag. So this feature request is for this case ;)

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