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1 Feb 26, 2015 00:03    


I thought, it would be nice to blog into blogs which are on other domains and in another instance of b2evolution.

blog1 and blog2 are on on server 1
blog3 is on on server 2

If I am in the backend of blog 2 on server 1 and I would post something on blog 3 on server 2 (only or too), it would be nice to do it from this backend.

Maybe it is interesting to include this in b2evo.

2 26 Feb 2015 23:03

Hi @ednong,

I understand your suggestion as a hub of b2evolution instances controlled from a unique site. I have seen this kind of features built-in elearning platforms and working as you describe. It sounds quite interesting but also complex, because there are several things to care about, starting from authentication and user permissions and going further to performance, etc. In other words, it's a massive feature.

Sometimes, I read your ideas and would like to have more and more people involved to develop those nice things. In the meantime, let's put this one in the development line and see how it evolves.

Thank you.

3 26 Feb 2015 23:24

Yes, hub of instances, that is correct.

Some times my ideas are a little bit crazy, I think ;)

And yes, I think it is a lot of work to create this kind of thing. It would be a good thing, if you have more than one blog, but not only in one instance on one server. So this would really nice, to post over more than one blog simultaneously.

Would the time line of new things/feature requests/new ideas be public?

4 27 Feb 2015 20:41

I've thought about this too since I manage approx 150 b2evo websites spread across a dozen servers and 20 b2evo instances.

However I have decided against this feature because its only useful to a minority of users compared to the 1000 other feature requests we have on our lists.

The fact is that it's actually very easy to keep a list of admin interfaces in bookmarks and then tell you browser to open them all in tabs. (It's possible to use a distinctive color for each)

Also the modern browser and/or password management tools make it very easy to sign in into several admins.

5 28 Feb 2015 00:30

LOL - sure, that is how I mange it too. There are not soo much instances - but the same way.

My thought should not only be the control panel for all of them - it would be ok, if I could create a new post in blog 1 on server on and can cross post this post into the blog 3 on server 2 too. Like the local cross posting over blogs on the same instance. So I can post the same thing on 2 or more blogs in different instances of b2evo on different servers.

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