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Started by on Jul 05, 2018 – Contents updated: Jul 10, 2018

Jul 05, 2018 18:54    

Hi Francois
Referring to your post in

I'm using 6.10.2 with a mashed up simple_zen skin from way back (2008??) I had copied an [] back then which of course is way out of date, so I've just copied the one from [skins_fallback_v6] and added the line as you have shown, but it doesn't override the text in [/inc/items/model/_item_class.php]

I note the new line is for [more_link_text] whereas [_item.class.php] uses [link_text] which is the one i edit and works fine

Does my skin need to have a complete refit :( ??

Jul 10, 2018 15:00

The parameter names trickle down through multiple nested/included skin templates before reaching the core.

In any case the parameter name you need to use is the one used by the core.

Then if you have some outdated templates in the middle that mess with the param name, you need to fix them too.

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