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1 May 31, 2013 00:21    

I read an article about it being Wordpress's 10th anniversary this year and it reminded me that when I started my site both Wordpress and b2evo had both just started up and I had to choose between them.

My site has been running b2evo since October 2003 and is still on 0.8.7 (with manual security patches!) and in that time it has moved host 3 times and had PHP and MySQL upgraded underneath it without the need for any changes to the code. Eventually it will break when there's a major PHP release but so far so good!!

So thank you Fran├žois and here's to another 10 years :)

2 Jun 02, 2013 20:00

Hey Stuart! Funny indeed how your first posts here date back to 2003 :)

What is your site again?

3 Jun 03, 2013 05:08

Nice touch. Happy 10th everyone, and hopefully many more...

I have joined in 2007 in 2.x days, i use wp more often, but b2, i just cant give up on.
We had good days and bad days, we even had arguments within each other, we even lost some beloved (r.i.p Yabba) among us.But some of us are still here, cheers.

4 Dec 31, 2013 23:55

It's amazing to think that it's already been so long. I remember starting in 2007 aswell, but with the final version of the 1.X. Ahh memories. It's really amazing to see how far it has come since then. Indeed, here's to many more years to come.

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