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1 Sep 05, 2019 15:34    

Hierachical Comment-Strukture

If I mark the option for hierarchical comments in a collection via "Features/Comments", then each comment gets a button field (see screenshoot) at the end to reply to exactly this comment.

But new comments by using this answer-button will still be placed at the end of the comment thread, with no information, that it is an answer to another comment. I would expect, and as you know from other comment systems, that the new comment, slightly indented, appears just below the comment to which you are replying.

Or is there another setting to make somewhere?

I am using the Skin Bootstrap Blog an a very minimalistic design and as an experimental field for a planned greater project.

3 Sep 25, 2019 10:07

Thank you! I added the line as you described in the php-file and now it works like expected.

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