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Started by on Oct 04, 2014 – Contents updated: Oct 14, 2014

Oct 04, 2014 22:26    

I am using Joomla and really want to use something else. The problem is I use and need a hitcounter showing the counts of people who click Read More. along with the posted date, etc.

b2 does not have that as core or plugin.

No interest in Google or some of the others. I do not want them to have any form of access and they do not have do the stats I need in the way I need.

There are a couple of other CMS that do this, but, they are very lacking in other ways.

Any suggestions or am I stuck with Joomla?

Thanks for your thoughts, in advance.

Oct 09, 2014 08:03

Hi @don,

Since the Views Counting has been removed from the core, there are no plugins to support such a feature like what you mentioned.

Maybe using a Goals based workaround would be a good idea, but it is still not fully supported to be used as I'm thinking, so we should wait a little bit more until the next release of this feature.


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