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1 Apr 18, 2014 17:33    

You have schema version «11235», but we would need «11110».

when i click myblog address, it just happened an error like above occured
while several hour before, all pages gone well,

now the page asked me to reinstall the b2evolution, ( i had made some pages, and hopefully dont have to reinstall from scratch )

thx for any help, sirs /madam


2 Apr 19, 2014 18:39

Hi @adi_kwok,

Did you try to make a downgrade? I mean, your database is up to run version 5.1, and your code is 5.0.8. Please, check the value of $app_version the file blogs/conf/_application.php in order to confirm what I'm saying.

If it's the case, you should download the 5.1 version again and upload to your site exactly as if you have making an upgrade.


3 Apr 21, 2014 06:36


great, thank you sir, my blog is back in business, without having me to reinstall from scratch, actually i didnt even tried to downgrade, somehow that thing happened,

but the main thing now is, my blog is back in business, thank you mgsolipa, sir

4 Apr 22, 2014 04:42

Excellent! You're welcome :D

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