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1 Feb 04, 2018 22:29    


I tried to arrange thumbnails in a way that the following text will not flatter around. But I could not figure out how to do.(Text is not that of Image description!)
Could you add a tag like "normal" to be add after the last floating thumbnail to cause text start in below the thumbnails (see fig.)

3 Feb 05, 2018 13:01

I added an image tag. The html looks like this:

<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<hr />
<p>64 Meter/2014, Wohnhochhaus hkjh kjh kjh kjhkjhkjh kjhkhj kjh klhjklhj</p>

This is a screenshot of the outcome:

4 Feb 05, 2018 14:58

This does work, but I hope there is a better way to do it, e.g. by tags
<div style="clear: both;"> </div

5 Feb 06, 2018 06:36

@saunders can you please send a link to see the misplaced images? Several thumbnails together are supposed to fit well in bootstrap-based skins.

Also for bootstrap skins, using
<div class="clearfix"></div>
should be ok. It's not the same but similar to the tag you're already using.

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